Movie Exec’s, Take Notice

A conversation between my roommate and I that took place not two minutes ago:

Rhiannon: I want to go pumpkin picking and pumpkin carving this week.

Matthew: Then go pumpkin picking, you’re an adult that makes her own decisions.

Rhiannon: I just want to carve something!

Matthew: As long as you carve something pornographic for me.

Rhiannon: No, gross! Something scary.

Matthew: There’s nothing scarier than a vagina staring you in the face.

Rhiannon: ….

Matthew: A big vagina winking at you. A big clitoris, the eye of the vagina. A pumpkin clitoris, winking at you, just like Sarah Palin.

Rhiannon: Now, every time you see a pumpkin, you’ll think of Sarah Palin’s clitoris.

Matthew: Her winking clitoris. Saw V should be about Sarah Palin’s winking clitoris. The scariest movie imaginable.

Rhiannon: No wonder pornographic google searches redirect to your blog.


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Filed under humor of an 8th grader, pumpkins, sarah palin

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