Field of Creams (Lotions, Pills, Injections, Etc.)

Wha Hap'en'd?!?!

Wha Hap'en'd?!?!

I’m going to wait and see what he has to say about this.

Why is this my favorite sport again?

I’m not going to pass judgment just yet. Everyone has a story, and they deserve to be heard.  If he’s a doper, then so be it. Apparently, so is everyone else. I still have my fingers crossed that Albert Pujols is clean. This game needs a “Best Hitter of This Generation.” Desperately. It was supposed to be A-Rod. It was supposed to be Manny. Well, Poo-Hole, my archenemy, the weight is now on your, hopefully, fingers crossed, all-natural broad shoulders. If it comes down to dimunitive David Eckstein as the only remaining pure hitter, I might just have to kill myself.

Update: Manny is now stating that he and his doctor were unaware that the medication was on the No-No List. Honestly, I tend to believe him. Do you really think this guy wasn’t tested out the wazoo over the last few years? He claims to have passed around 15 tests. Why risk getting caught? Power numbers are down since last year, so obviously people are cutting out the nonsense. You’d have to be a first-class jackass to get busted now. Oh wait.


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