The Golden Age of Television: A Haven for Sex Offenders

For decades, it’s been an unwritten truth that Richard Dawson was the molestiest of all molesty game show hosts. He blatantly smooched, groped, and flat-out accosted wives, daughters, and grandmothers on the Family Feud. This was accepted at the time, because, as we all know, women had no feelings, nor did they deserve to have feelings, in the 1970’s. But to Dawson’s credit (I guess?), he kept his lips and fingertips in a strict adults-only realm. Sure, he was a pervert, but he wasn’t a pedophile. Enter Fergie Olver, the host of a long-dead Canadian game show called Just Like Mom. I defy you to make it through the entire 2 1/2 minutes in one sitting. It took me 25 minutes to watch the whole thing:

I know. I’m sorry. But could you imagine Marc Summers doing that on Double Dare? That would give a whole new meaning to the phrase “physical challenge.”

What creeps me out the most is Olver’s wife was the creator of the show. This means she approved of this schtick. Someone needs to inspect this couple’s basement. I’m predicting a minimum of 25 human skulls and a box full of VHS tapes with Olver practicing his catchphrase “Hey, what’s this rag smell like?” on possible contestants.



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3 responses to “The Golden Age of Television: A Haven for Sex Offenders

  1. 8bitvegan

    I’m actually pissed, i dont understand how this could happen in front of people without him getting tackled?

  2. AussieBob

    Yes, I was exactly the same in not being able to watch it all at once. Took about 5 pauses to get through it. Quite astounding it got to air.

  3. Yeah, what the hell was his wife thinking? They also had two daughters, one of whom introduced the show (though everyone thought she was a boy due to her early 80s short hair). I do believe they’re divorced now so maybe she wised up.

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