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The Green and Gold Show – A Green Bay Packers Podcast

My friends started a podcast in response to their everlasting dedication to the Green Bay Packers. It was not their original intent to have me as a regular contributor, as I am not a fan of the team (or of any team, for that matter), but I was sitting on the couch when they were recording it, so they didn’t have much of a choice. This podcast is predominately about the Packer games, so don’t come in expecting an hour of me doing my spot-on Angela Lansbury impersonation (I’ll sneak it in occasionally). Mostly just listen if you like us and want to hear our lovely baritones from hundreds of miles away.

The Green and Gold Show

So far we’re two episodes in, so there’s two free hours of not doing work at your shitty accounting job! And, yes, the URL is misspelled. Public high school educations, that’s all we can say.


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