It’s Me!


Oh, hey, guys! I wasn’t expecting company. What a nice surprise. Let me give you a quick tour:

This here blog, Mindless Comfort, is written by me, Matthew Leathers. I write in it between naps and plates of nachos. I named it as such, because I live to please nice folks like yourself with some harmless fun. I like joking about pop culture oddities, showing off my copywriting work, and telling humiliating personal stories. Read some posts, check out some work, maybe leave a comment or two? I mean, it’s totally up to you. This is a low pressure environment. Totally laid back, for sure. It’s like a Jason Mraz song up in here. Can a website wear a fedora?

Now, how about a highball? Let’s get you a highball.

2 responses to “It’s Me!

  1. What of your past work? Will it be transferred here to WordPress? Or is it too painful for you to look at, like reading old love letters or sorting through your cassette collection?

  2. Jim

    I really like your site — funny in all the right places — still don’t understand how I came across it searching for: “Sir Edmund Hillary – Toby Jug”….

    Jim, Christchurch City, New Zealand

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